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Hello All,

Last few weeks have been difficult, trying to get organized with family and business. I continue to have this battle with patience even though I believe that things are progressing at the right speed. I know that for success to be sustainable I must look at it like a child. First a child crawls, then walks, and finally runs. Business is the same way, as new entrepreneur trying to create and learn require time otherwise the business won't develop properly. Similarly, when I am stressed and down because I want to see faster progress or even when I feel like quitting, I just hang in there and take one step at at time. I basically crawl, walk, and than run back to sanity. Before you know it Im flying high again with enthusiasm. This is a lesson I will have to take with me on my journey in life.


Ramon Reese


Hello All,

It is interesting how you can learn pretty much anything from Youtube nowadays. It has become my go-to source for information even before googling things on the internet. It is probably due to it being video. I get a ton of spiritual and mental stimulation from it. On the days that I have major doubt or setback I turn to youtube for motivation. On of my goals is to provide others with inspiration from this platform. I have already placed videos on the platform, they have limited views but I believe they are very good videos. It has become clear that I still have a lot to learn on Youtube if I want my messages to reach more people.




Hello All,

I keep moving forward even though sometimes the odds are stacked against me. I realize that I create my odds. I must have faith and believe when even I can't see a way out. I have been preparing for a year and a half and I choose to believe that one of the seeds that I have planted will provide me fruit. Unfortunately, I become impatient sometimes and want things to happen quickly, even thought I know it is not wise. I have been frustrated, stress, and yet I still have faith. I know I have given everything but I still have so much more I can give and do to realize my dreams and goals. Struggle is real and so is my faith sometimes.



Insanity (Ground Hogs Day)

Hello All,

I realize that I'm a little insane.

Yes, I said, Insane!

Why?  Well, because I do the same things day in and day out, looking for different results. You may think I'm crazy also however, it takes a bit of craziness and insanity to become an entrepreneur. The vast majority of people wouldn't dare take this journey, and there are others who just like to use the title.

This journey requires work to be done every day, it also guarantees no rewards. There is one guarantee of entrepreneurship, and that is, Failure. Failure is what frightens most people about entrepreneurship, yet they forget that failure is how we learn. So I continue to do the same things each day hoping for different results because I have learned more now about life, work, business,  and myself than at any other point in my life.

I like to think that similar to the movie "GroundHogs Day" that when I have learned all the lessons that entrepreneurship has to teach me, I will move on from th…


Hello All,

Usually, there are certain periods each day while working that I am really excited about what we are trying to accomplish. I get really excited to put out blogs, music, or videos that I believe are going to inspire others to take action in their lives. While I want all that life has to offer, I'm not sure any feeling wheel match the way I would feel if someone ever approached me and said that I have affected their life.

It is during these moments of excitement that I get a surge of energy which I store to get me through the tough days. Nothing feels better than to daydream about all of the possibilities that can happen from the production and distribution of my content. It is the possibility of success, massive success, making a huge difference, and accomplishing my goals that make my life exciting and meaningful.

In my Ice Cube voice "Today Was A Good Day!!