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Hello all,

The last 24 hours have been a little frustrating. I was both stressed and excited about our second periscope. I was up 2 hours prior to the live broadcast, however, we unable to put together a quality broadcast. Trying to broadcast live from Denver, and South America was a challenge for both my brother and I. We struggled to keep my brother live and being a novice I struggled to handle microphone issues.

Unfortunately, I had to finish the broadcast and deal with microphone issues for 3 minutes live. Fortunately, we didn't have any viewers on during the live broadcast, however, I accidentally deleted the video so anyone wanting to see a replay will think that we were incompetent and failed to make a broadcast for our second episode during the scheduled time.

I have spoken to my brother and we have created a plan to rectify these issues. After calming down I realize we should be grateful for discovering these issues now before we have actually gained a following.

I also g…


Hello All,
My Journey of entrepreneurship has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
On my good days, I am very excited, full of energy, and have the belief that I am only a few steps away from massive success. On my bad days, I am lonely, irritable, and worried about the possibility of failure. It seems like right after I have a good day, it is followed up by one of my bad days.
I'm not sure if it is because of my personality, overthinking, or because of my generational experiences. I struggle with patience, yet, I know if things happened as fast as I wanted them to I wouldn't be able to handle them. I have faith in my intuition, yet, I share the same fear of the unknown and uncomfortable.
I know in my heart this is the right move but being unable to predict the future is nerve racking. Uncertainty is what makes life beautiful, I know this yet, it is hard to experience. Just having the opportunity to chase my dreams is more than billions around the world can expect out of li…


Hello All,

Being a father of three, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle work and fatherhood. On one hand, I am chasing my dreams in order to provide more opportunities for my little ones and show them that they can chase their dreams. On the other hand, I have to make time for their activities and also time for them to interact with me.

Since I work at home, primarily on creating books, blogs, websites, and social media presence it is hard for my kids to understand my work. They think I'm playing, this cause issues with boundaries on my time. My girls are often frustrated when they bother me when I am in the zone, and I become angry because they interrupt me. They also constantly ask what did for the day. They are use to seeing me along with the rest society go to a place to work, not play all day at home.

I have to constantly regulate my emotions to deal with the interuptions that sometimes destroy my flow. I have to designate quality time for my little ones to give them the …

Where to Start?

Hello All,

I have learned the importance of long-term and short-term planning. When you are chasing your dreams or lofty goals, you end up becoming very busy. It sounds great but if you are not careful you will find yourself doing a meaningless task or letting the important stuff slip through the cracks.

Planning for the long and short term can help stay on task and prioritize your workload. Every day I have to look at my long-term plan and short-term plan to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck.

Today I ran into a problem completing a task because it requires other tasks to be completed first, unfortunately, those task cannot be completed until a later date. This is frustrating because it left me at a standstill and I had to figure out what else to do.

When you are trying to start your own company with limited resources, you have to be resourceful and find something else to do that will contribute toward your goal. There is always something to be done so you always hav…

Can We Pull it Off?

Hello all,

This is the Journal of Twinlightenment. This the only place where you will get our deep real-time thoughts.

  Currently, we are building a communications empire, however, we are just getting started. It may sound like a crazy idea but I believe the crazy people are responsible for most of our major advance in society. Who would believe that the Wright brothers could build a flying machine, or that a man could walk on the moon, or that civil disobedience could change the laws in our country?

  The way I see it, I am less crazy than my ancestors because I have access to more opportunity than they could have imagined.

  Our goal is to "Inspire creative people to utilize their imagination to design and manage their lives in the 21st century". Our goal is to write, speak, coach, and utilize social media to get this message out. We don't want to just make money, we want to leave our footprint in history. We want our names amongst the great leaders and inventors in …