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One of the universal laws in this world is to GET you must Give. There is no way around it. In other words, to get some of the things you want in life, you will have to sacrifice something. It is much easier to give up material things such as televisions, fast food, and video games. However, it hard to give up people, sleep, winning, and being comfortable. I want an adventurous life, I want to experience all life has to offer and to do that I have to be uncomfortable, fail, and lose my attachment to everything. In short, I must sacrifice everything I have in order to receive all that life has to offer... And that is what I call LOVE.


Ramon Reese

Next Hurdle

Hello All,

We have already accomplished some of our goals. We have managed to start a business, create a presence on 10+ social platforms, create a website from scratch, obtain coaching certifications, create coaching programs, and write two books. I have also maintained a 4.0 average in college. All of that means nothing if we can't accumulate revenue. As far as I'm concerned revenue comes through the following currencies: money, attention, and time. The only way we sustain our growth is finding ways to jump this hurdle. Our goals are to empower others we didn't set out with money in mind, although we new that we had to eventually find a way to acquire it. We did this because we love to help others and this is something that helps us as much as it helps others. So this has to happen! Fortunately, with the tremendous adversity we have encountered during our life, we have been training to jump hurdles since a very young age.


Ramon Reese