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The Pressure


The Pressure  The last few days it’s been harder to sleep. I’m still trying to figure out my way after week 3 of staying in my brothers basement.  I’m just nervous about the amount of time i have for everything. Ironically one of our topics last week was time.  I’m having a little trouble balancing the priority of things when I have so much at stake. I’m still calm for the most part but the pressure is starting to creep up as I think about what we have to do to make things work. I see some challenging days ahead so my goal today and tomorrow is to figure out what is most important and do that to balance things out. When I can’t sleep, I usually get up and write things down to see what’s on my mind.  I have a few trips coming up,  I have a training program I need to get through. So my mind wouldn’t let me sleep so I had to make time to get these things out of my head and to research them. I can tell my brother is feeling the pressure by our conversations last week. I  took a step …


Hello All,

Sometime it is hard to handle the notifactions on social media. I have to remind myself to be careful so I don't get sucked in to the worm hole. I want to help empower others, that is the reason why I help to start this company. However, sometimes I get side tracked because I get caught up in the numbers of followers, likes, subscriptions, books sold etc.  I get stressed about growth. The funny thing is that I should be grateful that I have even one person to like anything, once I look at it that way I get right back on track. I realize that everyone out there wants to be heard and my job is to listen.

If you are reading this and need some support in life check out our books How You Thrive in the 21st Century and How You Lead in the 21st Century to help you regain control of your life (at or We also coach and speak, if you need someone to talk to reach out we will be glad to listen.


Ramon Reese


Hello all,

We all are familiar with vision, in the since of seeing something that will happen in the future. I'm talking about the vision we see when we think about the possibilities in the future. While we at Twinlightenment are creating our vision, we tend to create more ripples, possibilities, or visions for our future. This is probably the second most exciting part of our journey. The most exciting part of the journey is having an idea and bringing something from your mind into physical existence in this world. If you are able to successfully do that, than you can do anything. We have produced two books, 60 songs and have set up our coaching programs and our presence on several social media platforms. Even though we are racing to see the first dollar, I feel like we have already received maximum value through what we have learned and produced on our journey. Good luck, to any of you on realizing your vision on your journey, and if you have time check us out on all of our platf…


Hello All,

Time is relative. It seems like time moves slow when I am moving slow and bored, on the other hand when I'm thoroughly entertained, moving fast, or busy (in the zone) time moves fast. Right now, as I pursue the accomplishment of my purpose it always seems as if I don't have enough time to accomplish all that I want. I have read about Walt Disney and he seems to concur with my thoughts. He believed he didn't have enough time, in fact, he died just before one of his greatest visions was realized, Disney World. I know we are just getting started with Twinlightenment, yet, we have so many other ideas we want to work on. While this may sound like a problem, it is a good problem to have, being so busy making the most out of your time that you don't have enough time. I wish this problem for everyone.


Ramon Reese



I’ve finally hit unfamiliar territory this year. At first, I was super excited. All of my dreams aligned. I traveled to South America with an amazing person, started my own company with my twin and accepted an opportunity to go overseas for a year. My South America trip has recently ended and all that excitement turned into a little fear. That fear was the uneasiness of the sacrifices I would have to make in order to continue to align with my goals. Fast forward to today and this is only my 3rd day of what feels like a never-ending state of being uncomfortable.  I get to travel for 1 whole year to 12 different cities across 4 different continents.  I get to work on creating a company with my brother with few distractions and almost unlimited flexibility.  So I gave up my home because in 3 months I’m out of the country for a year. I gave up my car, because I wouldn’t be able to drive it and why make payments on a car that I can’t drive. I had a hard time giving the …


Hello All,

Working for yourself is a tall task, however working with a partner makes it even tougher. Especially when related. You have to determine your styles of work and find a way to synergies to maximize your productivity. It takes time. My brother and I come from to different industries and have a ton of work to do in the next 3 months before we only get a chance to work with each other remotely for a year. It puts a lot of pressure on us because we are not only trying to be very productive in a short time, we are also trying to synergize. Luckily, we have on thing going for us. We are twins.


Small Wins

Hello All,

I just accomplished a major goal on my journey, publishing a book. I had an idea for a new kind of book that fits the reader of today. I actually completed two books. I hear lots of people talking about what they are going to do who never do it but even if it doesn't become a commercial success, it is a win on my list. Being able to bring an idea into reality is huge for my self esteem. I basically learned that I can create reality. So now that I have created these books, I have to start from the ground and work to sell these things because they are the gateway to more of my goals and opportunity. Im a winner for today!!


Ramon Reese