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Hello All,

I have been going strong on Social Media since February for 5 to 6 days a week. As much as I love social media and its benefits, I also understand the consequences of not getting away from it from time to time. While I can reach many people by the touch of a button, I can also lose myself with the same touch. Meaning that frequent use of technology can leave me feeling lonely. Take a look at our world, most people can't experience anything without their phone present. We spend more time recording than experiencing things. And since I have children, I want to set the example. I want to eat dinner without someone picking up their phone, I want to enjoy an event without always having to record it. We have conditioned ourselves to be dependent on our digital devices, however, we never fail to recharge our devices but we always neglect to recharge ourselves. I don't want anything controlling my life. So, I must unplug to recharge, re-energize, and regain control of my l…

Darkside of Entrepreneurship

Hello all,

Today when many think about entreprenuership, they only think about the positive possibilities. They think about the possible potential of income, being your own boss, flexible schedule, and material things. I have learned first hand that those images are products of advertising. Yes there are some entrepreneurs that fit that mode, but there are far more who don't. Personally, I have dealt with depression, loneliness, no money, failure, shame, and doubt. It has taken an incredible amount of energy to stay sane along my journey. I still keep going no matter what because I still believe, yet, it has taken the patience of my spouse, children, and brother to help keep me sane. If you are an entrepreneur Im sure you understand this difficult journey, just remember to talk to others about your issues and to know that you are not alone. To anyone who knows an entrepreur, show them some love, especially if they are successful because they had to endure a hell of a journey!!!!