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The Call

Hello All,

One of my favorite movies is The Field of Dreams, where a gentleman hears a calling, that tells him to build a baseball field where the ghost of the great legends of baseball play. I feel like my calling is to inspire people to take charge of their lives and create the life of their desire. The funny thing is I am trying everything I can to reach my audience and I know it hasn't even been 6 month yet but I am itching to make a difference. Similar to the movie, I'm not quite sure what I am building, however it is in my heart to do this and I will keep on moving forward until my vision and mission is accomplished. Anyone else out there feel the call?


Ramon Reese
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Refresh, Reflect, and Refocus

Hello All,

I know it has been a while but I had to unplug so that keep my sanity. I am posting so much content on social media that as an introvert (INFJ) I am drained after a few months and need to hibernate to gather energy.

What also happens is I get a chance to reflect on my successes and failures. This being my first startup means it is all a big fat failure. Not in the traditional sense like we are led to believe from our education system, I mean it is one big learning experience. Unplugging allows me to re-evaluate everything that I am doing, check in to see if I am in alignment with my goals and company objectives.

After refreshing and reflecting, I am finally able to refocus on the task at hand with renewed energy and most importantly, I am able to refocus.


Ramon Reese


Hello All,

I have been going strong on Social Media since February for 5 to 6 days a week. As much as I love social media and its benefits, I also understand the consequences of not getting away from it from time to time. While I can reach many people by the touch of a button, I can also lose myself with the same touch. Meaning that frequent use of technology can leave me feeling lonely. Take a look at our world, most people can't experience anything without their phone present. We spend more time recording than experiencing things. And since I have children, I want to set the example. I want to eat dinner without someone picking up their phone, I want to enjoy an event without always having to record it. We have conditioned ourselves to be dependent on our digital devices, however, we never fail to recharge our devices but we always neglect to recharge ourselves. I don't want anything controlling my life. So, I must unplug to recharge, re-energize, and regain control of my l…

Darkside of Entrepreneurship

Hello all,

Today when many think about entreprenuership, they only think about the positive possibilities. They think about the possible potential of income, being your own boss, flexible schedule, and material things. I have learned first hand that those images are products of advertising. Yes there are some entrepreneurs that fit that mode, but there are far more who don't. Personally, I have dealt with depression, loneliness, no money, failure, shame, and doubt. It has taken an incredible amount of energy to stay sane along my journey. I still keep going no matter what because I still believe, yet, it has taken the patience of my spouse, children, and brother to help keep me sane. If you are an entrepreneur Im sure you understand this difficult journey, just remember to talk to others about your issues and to know that you are not alone. To anyone who knows an entrepreur, show them some love, especially if they are successful because they had to endure a hell of a journey!!!!



One of the universal laws in this world is to GET you must Give. There is no way around it. In other words, to get some of the things you want in life, you will have to sacrifice something. It is much easier to give up material things such as televisions, fast food, and video games. However, it hard to give up people, sleep, winning, and being comfortable. I want an adventurous life, I want to experience all life has to offer and to do that I have to be uncomfortable, fail, and lose my attachment to everything. In short, I must sacrifice everything I have in order to receive all that life has to offer... And that is what I call LOVE.


Ramon Reese

Next Hurdle

Hello All,

We have already accomplished some of our goals. We have managed to start a business, create a presence on 10+ social platforms, create a website from scratch, obtain coaching certifications, create coaching programs, and write two books. I have also maintained a 4.0 average in college. All of that means nothing if we can't accumulate revenue. As far as I'm concerned revenue comes through the following currencies: money, attention, and time. The only way we sustain our growth is finding ways to jump this hurdle. Our goals are to empower others we didn't set out with money in mind, although we new that we had to eventually find a way to acquire it. We did this because we love to help others and this is something that helps us as much as it helps others. So this has to happen! Fortunately, with the tremendous adversity we have encountered during our life, we have been training to jump hurdles since a very young age.


Ramon Reese

The Pressure


The Pressure  The last few days it’s been harder to sleep. I’m still trying to figure out my way after week 3 of staying in my brothers basement.  I’m just nervous about the amount of time i have for everything. Ironically one of our topics last week was time.  I’m having a little trouble balancing the priority of things when I have so much at stake. I’m still calm for the most part but the pressure is starting to creep up as I think about what we have to do to make things work. I see some challenging days ahead so my goal today and tomorrow is to figure out what is most important and do that to balance things out. When I can’t sleep, I usually get up and write things down to see what’s on my mind.  I have a few trips coming up,  I have a training program I need to get through. So my mind wouldn’t let me sleep so I had to make time to get these things out of my head and to research them. I can tell my brother is feeling the pressure by our conversations last week. I  took a step …